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Learn all styles of drumming:  Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Funk and Orchestral music.

Learn to read music and play your rudiments correctly! ​

Learn keyboard and music theory!

Take lessons from a professional with over 25 years experience!

Why drum lessons?

Learning to play an instrument is rewarding on many levels. The wide range of influences from music extends a student's mathematical, interpersonal, and scholastic skills. Music builds creativity, confidence, discipline and more.  Kids learn in different ways;  playing the drums is a great outlet  for students of all learning styles.


Furthermore, music lessons provide an endless source of entertainment and musician appreciation for an individual's life as a whole. Playing the drums will make for long-lasting friendships and provide  a hobby that can earn money or even lead to a career down the road.


Why the Pickled Peppers Drum school?

As a student of the Pickled Peppers Drums School, you are studying with a working professional with over 25 years of teaching experience and a teaching degree.  The curriculum is focused on percussion skills, so you are sure to avoid the bad habits. All students learn to read music and play all styles of music.  Students learn music theory, piano, and musicology to ensure that they are well-rounded musicians.  If you are in need of drum instruction and you are local to New Orleans, you've come to the right place! 


What should i expect from drum instruction?

Weekly lessons are recommended but not required. We maintain a set of goals and the student knows at all times his/her weekly responsibility. Students keep a manuscript book that serves as a hand written lesson journal for the teacher, student, and parents.  At the end of each lesson, time is spent going over the students lesson journal with parents.

Elementary students on the average take 30 minute lessons. Studies are focused on fundamentals: Hand position, rudiments, reading, Time-keeping, and counting. It helps for elementary school parents to be involved with to help reinforce.  It may help to sit with students while they practice in the beginning. Elementary students should practice a minimum of 15-30 minutes a day.   


Middle school students, as a rule, take 30-45 minutes lessons.  Studies focus on advanced reading, rudiment studies, and analytical musical listening skills.  We play along with music and study song structure and style. Middle schools students should practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day. High School students take lessons 45-60 minutes long.  At this stage we start to learn advanced drumming concepts: odd meters, linear time-playing, ostinado studies, learning to read lead-sheets, poly-rhythms, advanced ear training and more.   

What do I need to start drum lessons?

If you already have a drum set then you are all set to go, but if you are just starting out, a practice pad and a pair of sticks are fine for the first couple lessons.  Once we get rolling, we can offer advice on purchasing the right drum set for your needs at the right price.

30-day drums rentals are also available to get beginning students started.   


Cancellation Policy

There is no cost to students for canceling lessons.  Please provide 24-hour notice, thank you!


Ian Petillo 

Drum Instructor

Pickle Pepper Drum School of New Orleans

All Styles, All Ages, All Abilities

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