Drum Performance and Instruction

In the pocket. New Orleans based drummer and bandleader Ian Petillo, keeps it swingin’ and dynamic with his Pickled Peppers Jazz Band. For over twenty years, he has dedicated himself to Jazz and Blues in its most authentic nature.  His versatility and artistry amplifies what traditional American music is about.  As a performer, audiences can expect a fun energized show.

Under the tutelage of Big Band drumming master Howie Mann, Ian has become a uniquely talented artist on the drums.  His technical gifts are never an ostentatious display- always serving the creative needs of the music, his grace and groove set him apart from stereotypes.  As a vocalist his versatile style raises the bar. From Jazz crooner to Blues shouter, Ian has all the stylistic inflections down effortlessly from behind the kit.

The Pickled Peppers have performed countless concert venues and private events. This ensemble with its eclectic blend of Jazz, Blues continues to revive the indigenous spirit of American roots music.  Stay tuned for the Pickled Peppers original CD being released this summer. Outside the Pickled Peppers Ian stays busy as a professional drummer, music producer, composer, and arranger.

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